Domain name

The domain name is a very important part of your consideration before you setup your new online shop. Changing the name at a later stage is a lot of work, requires rebranding and additional marketing efforts. Better get this right before you begin. Click here to read our article about domain name.

Hosting options

This is equally important than the domain name. Changing a host does not require any rebranding or marketing but is quite a time consuming task depending on the size of your shop. This will affects your emails and if not done correctly could mean that you lose orders. Therefore go with a hosting company that offers optimized hosting for the online shop system your are planning to use. Click here to look at our special hosting offers for WordPress

Shop system

There are many shopping systems to choose from with various feature. You should ask yourself the following question before you chose.

  • How many products will you have
  • Will you be delivering worldwide
  • Are they weight and size restriction you need to consider
  • Do you need stock keeping
  • Do you need export of the data to an external accounting system

We recommand and use Woocommerce for WordPress. Its easy to use, flexible and has countless features. Click here for a up an running online shop. And click here for an example of what you shop could look like.


Setting up an online shop seems easy but there are a few pitfall that you need to be aware of. We have setup several shop systems and are here to help. Just contact us and we have a free chat.

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