7 million WordPress websites affected by vulnerability

7 million WordPress websites affected by vulnerability

A cross-site scripting vulnerability was discovered in the popular Elementor page builder plugin.
In a worst case scenario an attacker would be able to take over your site and do whatever he wanted with your site and data.
We urge every user of the Elementor plugin to immediately update to the latest version which is 3.1.4 at the time of writing.
We are here to help you if you have any questions about the vulnerability or if your site is affected at all.
We offer a maintenance contact that offer you peace of mind as we are updating your site as soon as the vulnerability become available.
From as little as 5 Euro a month you can stop worrying about Word Press update
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How to setup a online shop

How to setup a online shop

Domain name

The domain name is a very important part of your consideration before you setup your new online shop. Changing the name at a later stage is a lot of work, requires rebranding and additional marketing efforts. Better get this right before you begin. Click here to read our article about domain name.

Hosting options

This is equally important than the domain name. Changing a host does not require any rebranding or marketing but is quite a time consuming task depending on the size of your shop. This will affects your emails and if not done correctly could mean that you lose orders. Therefore go with a hosting company that offers optimized hosting for the online shop system your are planning to use. Click here to look at our special hosting offers for WordPress

Shop system

There are many shopping systems to choose from with various feature. You should ask yourself the following question before you chose.

  • How many products will you have
  • Will you be delivering worldwide
  • Are they weight and size restriction you need to consider
  • Do you need stock keeping
  • Do you need export of the data to an external accounting system

We recommand and use Woocommerce for WordPress. Its easy to use, flexible and has countless features. Click here for a up an running online shop. And click here for an example of what you shop could look like.


Setting up an online shop seems easy but there are a few pitfall that you need to be aware of. We have setup several shop systems and are here to help. Just contact us and we have a free chat.

Domain names – What you need to know?

Domain names – What you need to know?

Once you decide to build a website the next question in most cases is which domain names shall we use? There are several things you need to know in order to choose the right one for you.

Domain names overview

The domain name consist of two parts. The first is the name part like google or facebook and then where is the top level domain extension (TLD). That’s the .COM or .ES part after the name. Domain names are registered at an official registrar and cost vary between registrars. The TLD also changes the price. Some specialized TLDs like .BLOG or .DOCTOR cost a lot more then the standard .COM or .ES

Domain names considerations

Lets first look at the name part. That should be as short as possible but if you think you can get a four letter name you will be out of luck. They have already been bought several years ago or are trading at several thousand Euro. As with most things keep it simple and maybe more importantly keep it catchy. Something that people can easily remember. Sometimes its better to have the name a little longer because it easier to remember. A name like costablancarealestate.com is far better then cbre.com. As for the TLD I would always go with .com. Most users know that websites end in .COM and for any international website this is the one to chose. If the site is purely for the UK then a .CO.UK makes also sense. You can purchase both and have them point to the same website. No matter what your client enter they will end up on your website.

Domain name purchase

As already pointed out above the prices for domain names vary and sometimes different registrars offer a sale on specific TLDs or have discounts if you purchase a bundle of names. Shopping around can save you a lot money. We personally use www.namecheap.com they have a simple to use dashboard and are very cheap indeed. There is also www.godaddy.com and www.123-reg.co.uk

Domain name summary

If you still have questions about domain names please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Backup strategies for your website

Backup strategies for your website

We all know that backup of our data is vital and most of us have (or at least should) have something in place for your local PC or laptop. But what about your website? A solid backup strategy is equally important but not as easy to answer as this is very much depending on your website and hosting. Here are a few backup strategies for various scenarios.

Manual Backup Strategies

If you change your website once a month or less then a manual back will be a sufficient solution. For most CMS like WordPress or Joomla you can get free backup plugins. After you made some changes run the backup and download the compressed file to your local computer. The download is an important step and should not be forgotten. If your server fails the hosting company will set it up again but they will not restore your website. In this worst case scenario your will require your local backup. So don’t forget to download it.

Automated Backup Strategies

If you change your website on a more regular basis or when you have a busy e-commerce site with daily orders you need a daily backup. You could still do that manually each day but that would became very inconvenient very quickly. Many of the free backup plugins that you can use manually offer a paid version that will do automatic daily backups for you. In most cases they also offer an external backup location like Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP and several other. That has the advantage that the backup is stored for you rather then being placed on the server.

Hosted Backup Strategies

If your website is very large (for example a real estate website with thousand of images) you need a dedicated backup server and a backup managed by your hosting company. They will backup your website in the background onto their internal backup server. If anything fails the hosting company can restore your website very quickly. This services is an extra feature to the normal hosting and you need to check with your hosting company about the cost.

Restoring a backup

Several of the above mentioned backup plugins also offer easy restore procedures. They do require some knowledge like FTP to upload that file to the server. Even if you don’t know how to restore the website the downloaded file will help any IT personal. If disaster ever strikes you just hire somebody and within an hour your website will be back up again


Choosing the right backup strategies is important and we are here to help you. Juts contact us we will be happy to talk to you.