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Here is a list of the services that we can provide to all of our customers.

Everything You’ll Need to Succeed & THEN SOME!

Web Design & Development

Built using the latest technology that is SEO friendly, easilt adaptable to meet a fast changing business world. Built to allow easy changes to products or copy.

Digital Marketing

Provide you with on-going support, technically, emotionally and consistently so that you are never slowed down in timely and costly digital marketing activity

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful influence for when people are making purchasing decisions – powerful! DO IT!  But let us make sure you’re doing correctly.

Video Production

Everybody loves videos its a huge way to drive business to your site.  How to make them and load them can be problematic – not any more

You Tube Marketing

Youtube has more visitors every day than most other social channels.  Promote your own channel and display your videos to attract customers

Business Rebranding

What is your brand?  What emotional state does it encourage? Who are your judges? How can you motivate them so they willing buy more?

EMail Marketing

Email marketing can produce huge sales and passive income – the money is in the list – but how do you build a list and then automate it cost effectively?


If you are selling products of any description you need an eCommerce shop that can generate sales whilst you sleep

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is crucial for on-line business success but can be a very costly and confusing mistake.  Get expert support

News Letter Marketing

Most forward thinking companies capture emails and send out a newsletter to those customers it’s very cost effective marketing


PDF & Print Production

Producing a visual communication that sells to a targeted audiences is critical, building and designing it quickly a critical new business sales process.

Analytics & Reporting

If you don’t know what’s happening then you don’t know what to change to make it happen positively – you will just keep getting what you’re getting.r

SEO Organic

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) having a great site is great but only if it’s easily found – period!  Locate Key Words and building them into copy.

Amazon & Ebay

To sell or not to sell – Really depends on your product or service – but if you can you must!  A costly and time consuming activity without the knowledge

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is an essential way to expand your reach on the social platform.  Helps overall digital marketing by increasing awareness for your brand


Website Security

Keeping a website secure from all types of hackers is critical and keeping data safe is a legal requirement.  CBWS can set this in place for your business.

IT Support & Training

Something goes wrong technically, are you lost in knowing what to do – we put it right and provide some coaching for future stability

DE-Hack Hacked Sites

Unfortunately many clients have their websites hacked and have no solutions – we do CBWS can get you back up and running in no time  – and secure your site

Professional Photography

Pictures tell a thousand words, good or bad.  In digital marketing, you must have the best images you can get to influence customer perception positively

Outsource Activities

Business owners need to work on their business, not in it – allow CBWS to manage those day to day digital tasks that take up your valuable time

Training & Development

Need some training, coaching and support, not sure what direction to take or how to get there – I can help you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does web design / web site cost?

That’s a good question.  However, prices are subject to content, size, custom designed and built or one for our immense standard package range.  Best call us and let’s discuss what you are looking for and then we will be able to provide you with an exact investment cost.  + 34 600 601 771

I have website but its looking old and is very slow, what should I do?

We would recommend you upgrade your website to one that uses the latest technology and modern web design.  At CBWS we can do that at a very reasonable price and within small time frame.  You can choose one of our predefined themes and we will adapt it to your current business and market sector.

Can you help me grow an on online shop thats sells products & Information?

Yes, we can help you grow your eCommerce shop, and also help you promote it to new and old customers in a very price effective way.  We have access to a great deal of technology that makes it very easy for prospects to buy from you.

My Website has been hacked, can you help?

Yes, we can!  Owning a site that has been hacked is not a nice experience however, we can put it right for you and also install the latest security software to stop it happening again. 

I want to get my business more active on Social Media can you help me with this?

It’s very important to be able to promote your business on a number of social media channels and we know how across them all.  We can also help you to learn how to manage social networks so you can do it yourself if you wish?

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