Want to sell your products or services online?

See this example of an online shop.

Costa Blanca Web Services are helping local entrepreneurs to build their business by providing low-cost effective solutions for opening your online business.

10 Reasons to own an online shop!

  1. Shows people how professional you are
  2. Attracts new customers through organic search and google
  3. Allows you to really showcase your products and services
  4. You can easily show reviews, referrals, and testimonials
  5. Encourage prospects and existing customers to contact you
  6. Integrate your business with Google Maps so customers can visit your physical shop or office
  7. Establishes your presence in your niche market
  8. Websites once built are easy to maintain and keep fresh with new information
  9. You can use it in conjunction with all social media
  10. Websites are not expensive any more – and CBWS even set you with a monthly payment scheme

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